Bait and switched on next day shipping


Hi, I'm incredibly frustrated and have been disconnected from chat trying to resolve this situation. 


I bought a new iPhone yesterday – Friday, Sept. 22, release day – with the promotion of free next-day shipping. 


After purchasing, the tracking information informed me the phone would be coming Monday. It should be here by Saturday, the next day.


Chat told me on Friday that since I ordered before 3 pm I would definitely receive the phone on Saturday. Since it is now Saturday and tracking tells me it's coming Monday, that's clearly not true. 


I need to speak with a Visible representative that speaks English as a first language to discuss this with me. 


Please do not contact me to tell me that Fedex next-day shipping is only business days and not on weekends. That is not what was implied for a product that the company knew was releasing on a Friday.