Is there really no way to talk to a human support rep?  The internet is literally the worst I’ve ever had with any carrier.  Just to write this post I had to toggle airplane mode on and off and on and off - reset network settings- turn off the phone and back on twice - then download an apn profile from unlockit …   I have full bars/ lte in the top but zero internet connection 90 percent of the time and never when I need to open maps or google something quickly . It’s very frustrating 


Intermediate II

Only by chat, Twitter DM, Facebook messenger, I think Instagram possibly and on Visible Reddit page. When on chat type live agent, explain your situation and ask them to reprovision your SIM or fix it on their end.


Also a note, if you are on the basic plan you could be on towers that are heavily congested and you are lacking data speed since you have full bars. What phone do you have that you are having to download APN settings? Are they even the correct APN settings for Visible? That could be another reason for not having internet if the settings are incorrect.