Caller ID name display


I have seen conflicting information regarding Caller ID options for what callers see when a call originates from a Visible device. This forum and Visible agents have said there are 2 options: “WIRELESS CALLER” or the 10-digit cellular number. A Visible agent told me today there are 3 display options: “WIRELESS CALLER”, the 10-digit cellular number, or User Name. Can User Name be on the Caller ID?


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Yes, your name can be on the caller ID. When I started with Visible last year I had the exact same problem. It was explained to me that Visible uses a database that the number goes through and attaches the ID information. I had mine changed last year. Unfortunately you have to get back on chat and hopefully you get an agent that knows what to do. If I remember correctly the person will put it a change ticket or whatever they are called to have it changed to exactly what you want it to display as far as user name. It took about one day and it was displaying correctly. 

thanks for the info!