Can't change old voicemail message


Greetings. Came over to visible 2 or 3 months ago.  Have had several calls with help chat.  When I listen to my voicemail with my iphone 14 Pro max, my voicemail is fine.  When someone from the outside calls me, they hear my vacation voicemail from 3 months ago.  I can't seem to change it! 



If you know your voicemail password, try calling your visible number from your visible phone (Alternate way to access voicemail IVR) and then press #4 for personal options, then press # 3 for changing personal greeting.


If you dont know your voicemail password, you can chat with visible to reset it. Resetting was a smooth process.


Try this out and hope this resolves your issue.



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Thank you for your response.. the standard change does not work.  I record a new message but the old February vacation message from before I switched to Visible remains.  Also, spent about 2 hours with chat and thought it was resolved... but the old message returned.