multi device hot spot not working

Has anyone gotten the multi device hotspot to work on an iPhone?  If so how did you do this?  My best friend is paying for the correct plan and not getting what she is paying for.  So visible can charge for services and not give the consumer what they pay for.  Isn't this illegal??   very upset and disatified.  Note I have been a loyal supporter of visible.  Its getting harder to support this company! 


I am not familiar with iPhones but wondering if there is a setting that limits hotspot to a certain number of devices. Even though Android was never enforced I had to go into the hotspot setting then to manage devices and change the device limit, I changed it to 10.


Which plan is your friend on? Not sure if there is a new base plan but there is the new plus plan and that has the device limit removed. If your friend is still on the old plus plan(it is begin referred to as V1+) he would need to upgrade to the new plus plan(V2) to get the multiple device limit including the 10Mbps speeds the hotspot offers. Bad thing is if your friend has any promos or discounts attached to old plus plan by upgrading to new plus plan they are removed and he would pay full price($45). 


You could have your friend also ask CS to re-provision his SIM but if he is on the old plus plan it won't do any good.

 sadly this is a visible issue all the way.