Can't contact a human agent


I have been trying for 2 days to contact a human agent without success. I had no trouble doing so until I signed up and now all I can get in chat is the  automatic agent which is completely useless. Can someone tell me if this normal. If it is then this service is useless at any price as there is no way to correct problems.



Just say “agent”. I believe it takes twice to actually work. I recommend messaging them on Twitter or Facebook Messenger though, you’ll get better support there, in my opinion.

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I used to be able to just type “human” 2 or 3 times and it would  put me in line for an actual human but today the bot kept kept asking me what I wanted, and the keywords were not in sync with what I was saying. It took awhile, but eventually I got to a human who still couldn’t help me! It gets old!

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Do yourself a favor when it comes to contacting customer service. Go to the bottom righthand corner and click the Facebook icon and send them a message that way. I have had faster responses by far using that than chat. I have tried Twitter also but the last time I sent a message just to get answers to some questions after 10 days I still had no response. Last time I used FB the other day was to get an issue fixed with my cart on my account, it had locked and I had a response within 5 minutes and had my issue fixed within 10 after that.

Oh, I have used chat and FB Message, unfortunately, all they “can” tell me is that they can’t tell me why my account is permanently locked & I can’t get a new phone. The last message I got from the escalation team told me I cannot have a Visible phone sent to my address, but I can either buy a phone somewhere else & have it activated with Visible ~OR~ purchase a phone online with Visible and have it sent to a different address. As neither of these options is workable for me so I’ll probably just go to another carrier. I’ve had no problems with service, but inability to buy a phone is a problem.


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My response was to the OP.


In your case that makes no sense that they locked your account and can't tell you why. They should be able to unlock it. 


Buy a phone elsewhere, if you have service already all you need to do is transfer the SIM and the new phone should work. 


If you are planning on leaving if I am mistaken unless you need to log into your account to do so. Not sure how you would port out if it is locked. 


Good luck on whatever your plans are.

That’s were it gets really odd.  The only thing that has been permanently locked is my ability to have a phone sent to my address. I still have an account and (according to chat) I can port out.  So looks like I’ll be going somewhere.

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The address thing really makes no sense either. The only address that I know of they won't send to is a PO Box because they need a physical address for FedEx to send it to. 


Two things I won't do in the future, one is buy a phone from Visible because it seems I can get better deals most times buying straight from a manufacturer. I also don't have a problem buying a like new used device if needed to save money. Second thing is I won't buy another Motorola phone because of the lack of OS and security updates with them only supporting it for on OS upgrade and 2 years when Samsung and Google get at least 4 Android upgrades and up to 5 years security updates. 


In your case I would just get a phone from somewhere else and just move the SIM to the new phone. I would think it would work with no issues. But if you are set on leaving good luck.