Can't even activate with a Visible physical SIM card

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I read the reviews. I saw where LOTS of people couldn't get the eSIM on their iPhones to work. I couldn't either so I ordered a physical SIM card. I got it today. Installed it. Activated my phone. Was charged $25 and, guess what, it still doesn't work. I'm being told it could take up to 48 hours for them to fix it. This is AFTER I have been charged $25. What is the deal here? This is 2021 and all I'm trying to do is activate cellular service. It shouldn't be this hard. I'll add to this post when/if the problem is resolved by Visible. As it stands now, I am out $25 and can't activate a brand-new, right out of the box, iPhone 12 with either an eSIM of physical SIM card.


Is this the kind of service I can expect going forward?


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Hey there! Thanks for raising this concern. If you haven't received a case update within 48 hours turn around time that was positioned, please reach out by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook.

Visible was NOT able to activate my phone in 48 hours which is totally unacceptable. I opted to move on from Visible and went to Mint Mobile who had my phone activated in approximately 10 minutes using eSIM.


I am making sure to tell friends and family to avoid Visible like the plague and COVID-19. Visible may work for some but the bad reviews (which I usually take with a grain of salt) are all correct. For what it's worth, the outsourced (India) customer service chatters can't even type proper English.


I wasted 48 hours of my time trying to get my brand-new, straight out of the box, unlocked, purchased from the Apple Store activated and Visible wasn't able to do so.


My advice to anyone and everyone is to believe all the bad reviews and seek service elsewhere. Don't be like me. I didn't want to believe the reviews, but they are true.