Can't even port my number in correctly?


I just received my Visible sim card the other day along with an email stating everything was approved with Min Mobile.


I install their app as per the instructions and hit activate.  Now 2 hours later (and 45 minutes after chatting with support) I'm told to wait 4-6 hours for it to be resolved, are you kidding me?


This isn't a TikTok phone, I use it for my work all day long, I can't have it down that long...


Is this what I should expect to receive as being a new Visible customer??



I have been trying to port a number to visible since 11/27/2023, today is 12/08/2023 and still have no service. I have spent over 12 hours on line with "AGENTS". I have been told three times to wait 24 hours and I'll have  service. I was told three times they would email me in the next two hours. the last person I chatted with was Mary. Mary told me the number port in was successful and I would have service in a few hours. I checked my old carrier to see if the number was ported. My number is still active with my old service provider. The agents are all LIARS, nothing they said was true. Any suggestions to improve my situation?

I would call CS every day and keep hounding them, that's ridiculous!


You may also want to consider DM'ing them on X (Twitter), I also don't know if there's a number you can call, I hadn't quite gotten to that level, but I know how frustrated I was after not having cell service for 12 hours, I can't imagine 2 weeks, I hope you have a backup of some kind to use...


I did sign up for the free trial with them so I have a phone to make calls with, nevermind why my friends wondered I wasn't responding!  I also use mine for work all day,  but fortunately I only lost contact for the last half of the day....