can't make calls to other Visible users


I can't make phone calls to other Visible users. I get the error message "server error - try again later"


Intermediate III

For something like this it may be more helpful to contact customer service.

Totally agree, but I can only chat with Connai, which was useless. I thought I could ultimately chat with a real person, but can't get out of the endless do-loop with Connai. Any ideas on how to reach a real person?

Getting past Connai can be a challenge at best. When given a choice of options choose other, none of these, something else and when asked to provide a description type live agent repeatedly if needed. In short don't volunteer any specific information otherwise Connai will insist she can help 😉

Alternately try contacting by X or Facebook. See:

Another option would be sending a private message to /u/VisibleCareSupport over on the Visible subreddit at:

Good luck.