Can't order any phone - Visible Care not helpful


Being a new customer, I want to order a new phone. No matter what I phone I try to order (iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro), I get the following error:


Looks like there is an issue with the payment method. Please try again or use another payment method. If the issue persists, please call the payment provider for help.  Image Link


Issue it no matter what payment method I use - I get the same error. I have tried PayPal, 2 different credit cards. I have even asked my sister to use her address, her payment card and got the same error.


Visible Care plain told me that I can't order and can't become Visible customer. Has any other else see this issue?

Here is my chat with Visible Care


Has any one faced and solve this issue?




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I am having the same issue.  The nutty part is, I am an existing customer for 2 years.  Trying to purchase an extra phoner and plan, I get the same error as you, and I am on autopay with the same debit card I am trying to use!!


Novice II

I’m having the same issue! There is no reason it shouldn’t be working …. 😕 

Novice II

i searched online and people said using PayPal worked. So I linked my card to my PayPal and used that and IT WORKED!! 


I got exactly the same issue and the same response from them! Are they real people? Or ChatGTP?

This issue still exists as of today. Did you ever get a solution?