Can't text, can't call, can't log in, can't chat


Can't send or receive texts. I get a message that says "Text messaging service has been denied."


Can't make or receive calls. I get a message that says, "...the number you have dialed has calling restriction... Announcement 803." People that try to call me get the same message.


Can't log into the Visible web site because it requires 2-factor authentication and I can't receive texts.


Maybe because I'm not logged in, I can't get anything out of the chat except offers of information relevant to people who aren't currently Visible users.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can actually get in touch with someone at Visible to solve this problem? I'm about ready to give up and switch back to my previous carrier.  Yeah, they cost 3 times as much, but at least they have real customer service.





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You can get on chat on your account page before you sign in. It is the little blue box in the bottom right hand corner of the that page. It may say to sign in but you can't or don't need to. You can also get a hold of them through Facebook messenger or Twitter DM both icon/links are in the bottom right hand corner of this page. They also have a presence on Reddit click the more options in the column on the right and click message. Here is the link to their page. 



this is why two fa should be a user choice.  they need to make it a user choice.  They also need to quit having that useless bot try to help you when you say human.  I have to put a few four letter words in front of human before I will get an agent.  it shouldn't be that complicated.  If you say agent it should put you automatically in the cue for an agent.

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"put a few four letter words in front of human before I will get an agent"
good tip. maybe I will try that