Cannot connect to Customer Service

Novice III

I am unable to get agent on message chat. Windows just cashes. The DATA is less than 1Mbps and freezes often. Help.



trying for 2 days to get an agent on chat and have had no success. the auto-logout (in)conveniently activates on the website and I have to start over. Been on hold waiting for hours now.

very frustrated.

Novice III

I have been in chat with Visible several times, but each time I had to wait approximately an hour until I made it into the "countdown queue."  The chat window changes to a countdown of the number of people waiting ahead of you for a techie.  So, my advice is, if you want to try to chat with them, be patient for at least an hour.  Also--and this was recommended by one of the techs themselves--if you want to try to get into chat, use a computer rather than the phone app.  Open a window in your computer browser, login to visible, and initiate the chat request from there.  Then, simply wait and don't close your browser.  He made this recommendation to me after admitting that trying to chat through the phone app often times out or fails for some people.


Looks like its time to switch carriers again in the best country ever.