Cannot send or receive picture texts


I may have made the worse decision by upgrading my visible plan. Since I have upgraded I cannot send or receive picture text messages or use my data. Visible needs to fix this ASAP. And their chat line hasn't helped either. 


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Go into your phone settings and make sure mobile data is turned on. When I upgraded for the old Visible unlimited plan to the new basic plan I couldn't get data either and didn't realize when I removed the old card and activated the new that it toggles the mobile data button off. As for picture text not sure how to help there, maybe try doing a Google search as it might be a setting on your phone that needs to be changed.

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Yeah there is a major issue with the upgrade and they're obviously lost with how to fix it and are lying to their customers 


Is this an Android and can you edit your APN settings?

If so, search this forum for some unofficial APN settings.

After calling the extremely helpful customer service they escalated my ticket and sent me an email letting me know that a simple backup and factory restore would fix the issue. Now I can send and receive MMS picture messages! Yay for visible!!!