Changing my address


I just set up an account with Visible and noticed that my shipping and billing address are incorrect. But it’s not let me change them


Novice III

Hi chuck. Just reach out to customer support via the chat function in the app (click on the ?). They will help you get this straightened out. Visible customer support has been outstanding, and I have only been a Visible customer for a week! They are the best, and want to make sure that customers are happy. Best of luck, and welcome to Visible!!

not true at all the customer service has been awful


Good customer service is NOT replying with a "polite script", it is being trained to address your issues in a timely manner. I have spent the last 4 hours, all afternoon, after having followed Visible's instructions EXACTLY, on basic activation for a new iPhone 14 Pro they sold me on.


After purchasing the phone through Visible with Affirm with their promotions of a $250 virtual gift card and $260 trade-in value for my old iPhone 11 Pro Max, I was unable to connect to on mobile app, mobile browser or desktop browser. It took TWO HOURS to figure out that some WiFi routers are blocking, though I live in a large community building. WHY?


So after four hours, they still have not been able to correct my BILLING & SHIPPING ADDRESS, or SERVICE ADDRESS, because selecting "Edit" does not allow you to modify the field, on DESKTOP browser, MOBILE browser, or MOBILE APP. 


Aren't these BASIC ISSUES that ALL CUSTOMERS deserve a functionality for? How many of you have more patience?

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I’ve had Visible for more than 2 years and have never been able to change my address. Web chat customer service doesn’t believe and doesn’t want to admit there’s a problem