Communicating from Jamaica

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I understand that VISIBLE or VISIBLE+ cannot be used in Jamaica. 

Does anyone have suggestions for communicating with friends & family in the USA while vacationing in Jamaica? (My wife & I will be in the Montego Bay area for one week during June; we both use VISIBLE.)

Thanks for your help and/or suggestions!



Hi @Herb - Your best bet would be to activate WiFi calling while state-side.  I would also suggest using an eSIM if you’re able to for Visible.  This way when you go to Jamaica, you can either buy a SIM card with data service at the airport there or pre-purchase an eSIM online that works there.  Most phones have the capability to support dual eSIM, but please check your specific phone ahead of time.  Once you have the second service, you should be able to use WiFi calling.  As a backup plan, you can always sign up for Google Voice and get a number in case Visible doesn’t work for some reason.  Just be sure to let your family/friends/contacts know what your Google number is in advance so they don’t think you’re a spammer. 🙂

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