DONT JOIN VISIBLE! if you have Iphone 11 or Apple watch

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Everyone knows that with a cheep plan you get cheep service.


With IOS 15 Visible have secretly removed hotspots from phones even tho they say its active.

Also i got the new apple watch 7 added it to the plan when i had to replace it because the  screen cracked. Visible keept the money i paid for the plan and cant fix it. every time i set up the watch it gives me an error the watch  number doesnt match the visible acount.  everytime i talk to customer care they are like we will solve it in 24/48 hours but we will give you states at the end of the day, of course nothing.


Stay away  if you want a  company that respects you and treats you well. 


today im leaving this Poor company  


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Hi Vlorid:

Sorry, you're having issues with your hotspot. I have an iPhone 11 running iOS 15.1  so I just tested it to see if I had the same issue. I made this reply using my Visible iPhone 11 Hotspot right now; it's working flawlessly for me. Maybe try updating to 15.1, or do a hard reset of your iPhone 11. If that doesn't work, maybe Visible can reset something from their end. Hopefully, you can get it figured out.

For what it is worth, I am running an eSIM from Visible on my iPhone right now. I don't know if that changes anything or not.

No I have a true SIM card 

So after a week I finally talked to a tech that knows what they are doing they need to rest the hotspot to your account from there end then I feasted my phone and it showed up.


But they still have t fixed the issues of switching apple watches 

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Hate to say this but iPhone 11 is no problem. You are doing something wrong on the tech side. Even an iPhone 6 which my son had to use after his 12 got smashed works fine.


iPhone 11, iOS 15.4.1, eSIM to Visible.

All works fine, including the hotspot to an iPad 9 


a mi me pasa igual tengo un 13 mini q no quieren liberarmelo y pe sasa identico con el soporte