Data and text does not work, cannot get acceptable help


I purchased a new iPhone SE through Visible and switched over from my old phone to the new one on December 25th.  The cellular data on the phone has not worked at any point and text messages only work when on Wifi for some contacts, but not all.  

I started with reading through what do to and reset network settings, turned on and off phone, made sure LTE was on with no success. I contacted Visible support and had them redownload my eSIM on their end and delete the esim and all of that without success.  They escalated my case and what I received was the same basic troubleshooting steps via email.  I followed those without success.

On December 28th I went to a physical Apple store and they tried to get it to work as well.  They did a factory reset and I still get the same result.  It says "waiting for activation" under my number in the iMessage setting.

I had them escalate my case again and a day later I received an email with the same troubleshooting steps.

I'm frustrated because I've spent hours and hours trying to resolve the issue and when it clearly isn't working everyone wants to start me back at step one.  I'm tired of people going through a troubleshooting listing and wasting my time as these steps do not work.

One person suggested I needed to upgrade my plan.  I can't see why I would upgrade my plan when the current plan isn't even working.

I would consider going to another carrier, but since it is a brand new phone it is locked to Visible and yet I can't really use the Visible network.  I can make calls and can get some text to go through when on Wi-Fi.  However, this makes it a pretty useless device without being able to use data away from home or send a text.

I really need someone with more authority or knowhow to please reach out to me to help solve the problem.  One week ago my service worked. Now trying to use a new phone ordered through the carrier it does not work.  This is ridiculous that working with support multiple days for hours and hours I have to start at square one.  No one can look at what happened so far and get a hold of someone who can actually help me.


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If you are currently using the legacy visible plan and you activated a new phone. You are required to upgrade to the Visible or Visible + plan as your device would no longer be eligible for the legacy plan. 


I had the same experience going from an older phone with a sim card (psim) and legacy plan using the party discount. Although I was able to port over the account/plan to the esim on my new iPhone14 the data would not work and also SMS was unreliable. In reading many messages and then reading in the documentation for the newer (current) plans with 5G, that a new sim card would be required, it now seemed clear that the legacy plan was simply not going to work with the newer esims in the newer 5G phones. I didn't want to leave the legacy plan and the party discount, but after looking into other providers I decided Visible was still a good deal and upgraded. **All works perfectly now.**

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Yes, that's is the solution. Upgrade to the new plan.