Denied Upgrade price


I am being denied the $35.00 Visible+ price because i am being told i upgraded too early? Those who waited until now are eligable, but since i upgraded a few months ago and gave Visible MORE money, I am not eligable? Anybody else run into this lunacy?




its a promo to incentivize moving to the new network which i understand (and i did) AND paid a higher price for it ($30.00 a month)  They are now offering the new network to folks at the $25.00 price, plus the Visible+ plan at $35.00. but they are not affording me the same courtesy when i did the exact thing this promo is incentivizing just a few months prior AND paid the higher $30.00 price for? Sure i could port out, cancel and port back in, but to go through those hoops is lunacy, and turns people off to your brand.


I guess we see this differently, if you think it's ok to punish a loyal customer for doing the exact thing you are now incentizing current and new customers to do, ok ....I guess


LOL, if you are as you say above "just a customer trying to answer a question" why would you still be here? You aren't answering anything, and your responses reek of a corporate connection