Brand new galaxy s23 no good


I was told after years of having visible my account that I had to upgrade my plan phone. I went and paid for a new galaxy s23. Well good old customer service say I must have a bad phone and can't help me. I was never able to change my address or my device I had years ago. Garbage app and customer service. I'm done with visible.


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  I am having the same feeling! I have sent them a bunch of customers, now they are changing the system, making my phone no longer compatible, and will offer Very LITTLE help. I love my TCL phone and am willing to purchase another one, but they only have 1 on their web and want 150% over what i can buy it elsewhere. I have pretty much begged them for help. The customer reps seem to have a script and are not allowed to really give help. My last chat, which was of no help, i challenged them to produce a list of tcl phones that will work with the service, they want you to input the imei number, which you don't get until you have the phone. if they would supply a phone list, we could shop for a phone and move on. I plan on moving to RED POCKET if they don't help me before i they notify me of the final date for my phone to work.


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Unfortunately the IMEI database isn't maintained very well. Even my Motorola G Power(2021) I bought here showed not compatible when the new plans come out. I think it would be a one in a million chance of finding an Android phone to pass the IMEI checker unless you buy it from Visible. An iPhone on the other hand it seems like if they are less then 6 years old, or still getting updates, they will bypass the IMEI number checker. 


Customer service won't be of any help as they don't even know what makes a phone not compatible. I even asked that question about my phone and was told it didn't have the right technology whatever that meant. I did get a new SIM for the new plan a month ago for a newer phone but decided to put the card in the 2021 phone and I successfully activated it without issue, Not sure how old of a phone I would try that with though.