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Im located in the USA. I'm on the "Visible+" package. 

While I was in Canada this past week, I could make/receive calls just fine. I could not access data. I have a moto g 5g, and there is absolutely nowhere to turn roaming on or off. My question is this device actually capable? 

I was chatting with support and they seemed to think it should have been.


On the phone 

I got a system notification that said :

"Lost mobile data connection" 

Data roaming is turned off. Tap to turn on

Tapping this notification would take me to "Network & Internet"  settings.. Nowhere to be found was a roaming option.


Any ideas? 


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Not sure if it is the same on your phone but on my Motorola G Power(2022) when in settings and when you tap on network and internet, once in there tap on mobile network, there should be the option there to turn on and off roaming. Hope this helps.

That's exactly where I go, but it's not there.  Thanks though

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Sorry that didn't work. I did just look up your model phone and that is the steps to get to the roaming on/off. Not sure why it isn't there.

So I'm thinking it's an issue on Visible's end. I put a Verizon sim card in, and the roaming option is there 


Anyway to open a case with them? 

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After reading your original post again it seems odd you had phone and text but not data. I would think roaming had to be on then so it doesn't make sense that data wouldn't work and say to turn on roaming. I am totally guessing but think the SIM maybe was programmed to deactivated that option.


You would need to get a hold of customer service again and explain it all over again and hope you get an agent that can fix the issue. If you don't want to wait in line on chat you message them on Facebook messenger and get back to them at your convenience. I usually get a response within a few minutes to 45 minutes. The icon/link can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page. Twitter messaging is also an option but I have not had any luck their, that icon can be found below also.

So I talked with customer service and they claimed they've turned roaming always on within the SIM layer of things. Not sure why they couldn't do this while I was physically in Canada. The only way to test, is the next time I'm there.


Thanks for all the help 




Well LoadedNT, I am in Canada right now and have a moto g 5G and have found the same issue.  No option to turn data roaming on or off.  Roaming isn't even mentioned.  Seems that they've misconfigured the SIM cards.  Mine is just a few days old.


Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network (says Visible, though I'm on Telus) > Mobile data "Access data using mobile network" Switched ON / Automatically select network (2nd Switch) / Allow 2G (3rd Switch). 


BTW:  Wi-Fi calling is also inoperative on this phone, no matter where I'm located.


Visible has done a very poor job of rolling this 'better, improved' network out, as evidenced by the number of complaints.

Same exact issue, even down to the WiFi calling.


At one point I was able to get somebody in customer service to turn my SIM to always have roaming on. Unfortunately it was after I had already returned home, so I never confirmed if it worked 

@LnT,  Did you receive a new SIM, or can they modify the nanoSIM remotely?

Wonder if they can fix the "no Wi-Fi calling" problem?

Did you get the representative's name that fixed the SIM?

It's something they did remotely. I did not get a name. My wifi can't still does not work

RE: Roaming data in Canada, and Wi-Fi calling - with moto g 5G


Don't expect anything to change next time you're in Canada.

I'm on a chat with Theo at Visible, he did some SIM voodoo, but no change to the phone.

His reply so far is that Motorola needs to update the software in the phone.

So:  it's not their fault!  But they will do more research.  They have a ticket for my issue:  05180595.  If you want to reference it and bump things up - be my guest.

Is it not their fault though? Like I said above, as soon as I pop a Verizon sim card in, the roaming option appears. Maybe that a manufacturer thing, but seems like a carrier issue. 

Oh, so right.  I overlooked that comment this past week.

Next time that you can put in the other SIM and you're in Canada, could you take an extended screenshot of the "Mobile network"  Settings page?

Absolutely. I have no immediate plans to return, but when I do, I'll do some messing around.


Honestly it will be the make or break for my future with Visible 

Hi bud,

New SIM in my moto g 5G, and I'm back in Canada -- but no change.

A big waste of time and travel because of the poor FedEx service.

Back to the 'chat' to reiterate my complaint and spell it all out for another Visible representative.

Not to let this thread lay dormant -- I had a lengthy phone conversation with Jeff, a specialist of sorts. 

He tried some magic from his side, no effect.  He then had me delete the Visible App after removing my SIM, power down/up and replace the SIM and reinstall the App - still no effect. 

He talked to a supervisor and wrote a lengthy report while we spoke. 

Then Visible sent an email consisting of a 'case update', from Daniel, who has it wrong: 

"... issue you’re experiencing with slow data service in Canada." 

I got back into a chat with Pavan and had that incorrect summary corrected:  I have NO data service in Canada.

They had me do the "uninstall app" thing. Why would that matter at all?? So silly


How did you get somebody on the phone? 

After enough chats, with them apologizing and me politely asking them to get this problem fixed - and a new SIM with no resolve - someone calls me out of the blue.

Of course I'm not at home, no easy Wi-Fi access and no time to mess with it on their timetable, so he calls me back when I'm home.  Smartly he asks for a different number as the phone in question will get powered down, etc.

I've amassed 18 pages of chats and an email reply.  Many times I've asked them to look into the SIM programming as the cause, but they are attacking the phone with simplistic solutions.

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Unexpectedly, last night while in downtown Vancouver, the phone is correctly using roaming data.  No phone/Android updates have occurred.  I'm fearful of power cycling the phone, but will likely do this in the future.  

Sorry but I cannot upload my phone's screenshots from Settings / Network & Internet / Mobile network -- Before & After.  The After page (with the "Mobile data" switch followed by a "Roaming" switch) is not easily accessible through this simple path (as it should be).  A settings search for "data" then selecting "Mobile data" finds it.

That's awesome. No change my phone. Wonder if you can find out what was done on Visible's end

Small chance of that. But I will still communicate with them -- regarding my Wi-Fi calling issue, as that hasn't been fixed. I will ask what they think happened when I check in with them.

The "techs" on a chat have little information at hand, they don't even understand an ongoing service case.  I would get an email shortly after a complaint chat that would say:  "We have great news: your case is now resolved and your account is showing under Active Status! Here, you simply need to Power Cycle Device and you are all set to get started."

The result every time would be that nothing had changed.  This change in my phone came 5 days after they last communicated that it was fixed.  Doubtful that they did anything during that time.


I also need to update that I cannot find the "Roaming" switch in my Settings for Mobile network.  It is now gone no matter how I look to find that settings page.  Good thing is that after a reboot it still has roaming data here in Vancouver B.C.

So weird. I'm half tempted to take a quick drive over the border just to test mine. As for the WiFi calling, is this something else you've been working on with them? 


Visible's support is just frustrating. Half the time they didn't even know international roaming was a thing 

Yes, I have always kept both issues in the same case/ticket, and bring it up every time. 

BTW:  If you 'cross over' -- last time I did this, I turned my phone off before travelling.  That was the afternoon of the same day that I saw it working around 7PM.  I didn't leave the phone off that whole time, just the 45 minutes until I got to my destination.

Still working this morning, the swipe-down (twice) Quick Settings Menu for Internet says "Rogers Wireless, Roaming -- 5G" (whenever Wi-Fi is off or unavailable).

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Another crazy wrinkle to this whole headache. Over the weekend my phone went in the pool and was shot. I bought a brand new one from Amazon (same as before), while waiting for the refund from the protection company. When the new one comes in, first thing I do is check for roaming. Viola it was there! No idea why it's available with this phone, but not my old one. Did it really turn out to be the phone software? Who knows. I'm even more intrigued to take a quick trip over the border to test

Good news bud,

I've had consistent luck with data roaming in Canada, ever since it started.  I still don't have the 'switch' in the phone's Settings / Network & internet / Mobile network, that says anything about roaming data (just the Mobile data switch).  Maybe your phone has a later update that isn't rolled out to previously minted phones -- who knows.


How about Wi-Fi calling?  I am bracing for another fruitless chat with Visible about that issue.  They have not written back about my ticket for weeks (May 1).

Does your phone have that feature enabled?

Wifi calling is working! It turns right on, and calls complete! It would just time out on the old phone 

So, LnT, 

You have a new moto g 5G (2022) this time as well? 

There is a 2023 model out at this time.

And:  Can you find your System Update # (or Build Number, in "About Phone")?

Mine says S1SAS32. 47 - 77 - 9  (Apr. 4) (I separated characters because this forum app doesn't like one of the number hyphen combinations?!?)



Yes brand new, and according to Amazon it's a 2022.


My build  is S1SA32.47- 3


Now I'm getting a notification to update to 47- 7-7... Not so sure I want to 

Don't know what to tell you.  Other than, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Probably security updates unfortunately.

BTW:  Your phone's name/model should be found in the Settings / About phone.

Mine clearly says "moto g 5G (2022)".  The year is part of the model # for this group apparently.

Duh yes right in front of me, it's a 2022


I updated and just as I feared, everything is broken like before. I reached out to Motorola. Let's see how this goes 

How is the Moto support going?  Is everything still broken?

I have yet to attack the "No Wi-Fi Calling" issue with Visible. 

I know it'll take up to an hour of my time and it's a tedious exercise as well.

Yes still broken. Visible was blamed for the moto phone update breaking the features. Now they say they're working on a new update, and will push it to my device when ready. I don't have any faith

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Well Motorola just pushed the Android 13 update and...... The roaming option is there!! Also wifi calling is working!! 

Thanks for this reminder.  My phone is set to automatically update, yet it hadn't.

Going to the System Update page gets it started:

1.65GB, Version T1SA33.SeventyThree-Forty-4

Sure hope they haven't messed up anything in the process.

This is the last major update we'll get for these particular Moto phones, is what I hear.

So far so good for me. The phone was a little laggy right after the update, but I think it was finishing up everything in the background. All good now

Same here. Both roaming data & Wi-Fi calling are working. New features are gimmicks in my opinion.