Difficulty porting number from Verizon


When I  try to port my number from Verizon, it says the Verizon account number is incorrect.  I have verified that account # is correct.  I got no help from chat.  I am locked out for 24 hours.  Need some help before I try it again.



I signed in to my Verizon account and went to Accounts, then Security.  There is an area something to the effect Transfer PIN.  If you go there, you can get a PIN # to transfer your number to another provider and it will also list your account number.  Write those down and you should be all set.

The ZIP code also has to be correct 

Novice II

I had the exact same problem.  I thought I read something about omitting hyphens in the account number when typing it in for porting. However, if your account number includes a hyphen (aka 'minus sign' "-") you need to include that eg. "1234567xx-xxxxx". . . I'm still working on the porting issue. I got locked out as well and was unable to port.  So, I just continued without porting the number.  I had success in ordering the phone.  But, according to chat service, I'll need to return to the system and port the number after I receive the phone and SIM card. . . . BTW - according the Verizon Wireless you need to request a porting transfer number/pin.   To obtain that you need to dial #7678 from the cellphone you want to port.  (#PORT, I think) .  You'll need that number to port the current number, but haven't done that part yet myself. 

Novice II

Same. Turns out I had enabled phone lock in VZW settings. Turn those off, wait 24 hrs and you will be good to go

Remember to put the dash for example 123456 - 1234000 some account numbers have it