Port additional phones to Visible from Verizon


Had 3 phones/lines/numbers on my Verizon account. Have ported the 1st phone/line to Visible. Can I port the other 2 phones to my new Visible account? Or do they only port in as individual accounts?

Tried chatting with the bot, but got no useful information there.


Visible is single line accounts. You will need an email address/account for each line you want to port in. You should be able to use the same form of payment on all of them. I would suggest turning on autopay on each account if you are the one managing them otherwise when you need to access the account for payment you need their phone for the SMS text for 2FA/MFA. You can sign into each account from a laptop or desktop and check the trust this device box where you enter the SMS code, this works for the most part but if you clear the browsers history or cookies you will lose that option and need there phone for another code to sign into each account.