Eligible Carrier Inquiry


Hi, I am currently using Unreal Mobile, which belongs to Red Pocket. If I port in Visible, am I eligible for the iPhone 14 deals ($200 gift card + Airpods 3)? https://www.visible.com/shop/smartphones

Because I don't see my current carrier in the list https://www.visible.com/help/port-in-promotions


Thank you!





Are you on the Verizon network on the red pocket?

I don't know. I only see Red Pocket in cellular Settings.

Just put in that you have TracFone and your good to go it doesn't make a line for the port process which company you put in.


I take no responsibility on this act, I'm just saying the fact 

Thank you! 

I am in a similar situation and using Red Pocket on the Verizon network.  If I port in the number, am I eligible for the promotion?  What would be the process for porting in a Red Pocket number? 

Hi, I have a similar situation using Red Pocket on the Verizon network.  If I port in this number, am I eligible for this promotion? What would be the porting-in process?  Do I need to configure anything to get this promotion?