Gift Card Rebate


I bought each of my kid's phones and service through Visible in December 2022 - both had rebates of $250 each after 3 months of service.  I requested my rebate/gift cards and got confirmation they would be sent within 1-2 days, April 20th.  I have completed the contact me form a couple of times, and NO response or chat is not available.  Says to contact Blackhawk but no contact information is provided.  I have been with Spring for 20+ years and was ready to bring my husband and my service to Visible but not after this.  It is absolutely ridiculous that I cannot get my gift cards.  I am seriously considering switching my kids plans to another carrier as well.  Yes other carriers cost more but you can actually get your questions answered and problems resolved on the first inquiry not after 10 and still NO resolution.  



If you login to the in your accounts page, you can see the code updated. This happened to me. The email I received for the gift card is blank without the code. But when I login to the account I could find the code for the giftcard. Hope this works for you.



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