Fedex Delivery Exception - package is being returned to sender - Yes the address is correct


Greetings All,

My package has experienced Fedex Delivery Exception - package is being returned to sender - I did check the address on the order - it is correct - Fedex Ground was here today no package for me - one for my neighbor that was indeed theirs (I checked) - so I've ordered - but no phone nor sim nor way to contact Visible - I take it this will delay my order quite a while is what I'm guessing.

Any thoughts or anyone from Visible here who could check the tracking?

Thank you


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This is a peer to peer forum and you will not find anyone from Visible here. You can contact customer service via chat, Twitter or Facebook messenger(I recommend this, you can find the link bottom right on this page, click the box with the f in it). No there is no other way to contact customer service other than these 3 ways. Chat will take upwards of an hour or more. Good luck.

I guess I should ask, how did find out it experienced an exception? It has been a year and a half since I ordered but I think I remember having to be home to sign for it but I don't recall having tracking information though. If you weren't home I am not sure what FedEx does in this case, I know UPS gives 3 attempts to deliver for a package that needs signing.