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Visible Service, LLC. Is their listing. The BBB has the following listed first. I would put a hint hint on the last sentence. THE  FTC


On April 28, 2021, Better Business Bureau was alerted to a telecommunications business operating as Visible Service, LLC,,  located in Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111. Consumers allege Visible Service, LLC is unresponsive to their request for assistance regarding cellular service and billing.  

On May 26, 2021, BBB reached out to Visible Service, LLC regarding the consumer complaints and was provided with an immediate response by the business with assurances that complaints are now being addressed as they are reported. Consumers should continue to contact Visible Service, LLC to have their concerns addressed.

Complaints can be filed with Better Business Bureau at as well as with the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection at




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Let us know what and how your complaint goes.


If it is about customer service there isn't much the BBB will do about it since they have chat, Facebook messenger and Twitter which all works to a degree even though it takes forever. Unfortunately the poor customer service is the price we pay for having such a low priced plan. For what I am paying after Party Pay and F&F discount I am willing to wait for assistance and luckily I have only needed help less than a half dozen times in 16 months.

Who keeps telling everyone this is low priced? 4 phones on Verizon is now 25 each. Visible is NOT that cheap….. BBB put a warning about Visible, pointing to the FTC,  hint hint….it is shocking the numbers of customers who have filed. BBB warns; there’s a pattern, lmaao.. And…. I do not believe Chat is ADA compliant…..Visible is false advertising to start. Their commercials led you to believe you were using the great and almighty Verizon network. It may be Verizon, but far far from their great and almighty…. It is a substandard version of Verizon. I will admit, some of the hiccups have stopped, but dropping service for no reason? Having to cycle airplane mode to get service to return? SIM card dead after day 8? At least 24 hours wasted waiting to chat? I will return to Verizon after 3 months cause they fisted me for 4 days without cell service. Then I had to search the neighborhood for an hour to find my package. Once the trust is broken, how can you trust the phone will ring when someone calls and for me. I cannot take that chance. 

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It is pretty much written in print without a person telling me this is low priced! It is low priced for me since Verizon plan that isn't even unlimited is around $100 a month for me, one phone. With Party pay and F&F discount I am paying $5, and will be $10 with the new plan for at least 12 months for me. By my math that is $120(new plan) for the next year versus $1200 anywhere else, that is low priced to me and it is true unlimited and not capped. I don't have much for options in my area for plans, some of them say not available in my area


You never posted any information in your first post about what your complaint is or what frauds Visible has committed. Customer service is bad but since Visible is handling the best they can with the budget they have. 


So what frauds has Visible committed? They are providing a service for a lot less than their parent company, Verizon, or the other two major carriers. Do you have a link to the complaints?



 Their commercials led you to believe you were using the great and almighty Verizon network. It may be Verizon, but far far from their great and almighty…. It is a substandard version of Verizon.

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I guess I never saw the commercials, I found this by searching high and low for plans that didn't break the bank. Yes, it does use the almighty Verizon network. If you didn't know Visible is even owned by Verizon. The new plans and the system change I think will be more on the line of what Verizon is currently using. Sure, Visible is substandard because it is an MVNO carrier and Visible customers are deprioritized. 


I guess I am one of the few that has had very few problems with the network. The only bad thing is my signal isn't the greatest but then my brothers are on Verizon with the same problem in my area. I fixed that with a booster now.


I just checked on Verizon plans and not sure how you are getting unlimited data at $25 a line x 4 but glad you can get that good of a deal. Best deal here on Verizon for my area code is if I had 4 lines is $40 a month per. One single line is $100 and it didn't say what my taxes are though so guessing a month would be around $110. 

I knew they were owned by Verizon. Months ago, chat denied they were owned by Verizon. Verizon denied they were owned by Verizon on October 18, 2022, when I left. But now their commercials say they are owned by Verizon. I cannot post the BBB link on here because the system says the link numbers are “bad words”.


I am glad you have had a good experience, many do not. Coming from Verizon, I can say it does not operate close to Verizon quality. 

And autopay, drops Verizon $10 dollars. But for some reason, we are 25 here for 4 phones. 

I also live with one Verizon tower on Kent Island. My Verizon service was close to 100m, stable and reliable. Visible off the same tower is 20m at best and the speed floats to get that. Service drops and I have to cycle airplane mode; which I learned on here to get service back. Substandard Verizon service. The last time I checked, my house hasn’t moved to alter my service. 

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I found out a while back that Visible was owned by Verizon while back, it shows it when I do a Google search in the right column showing the business info.

I did find the listing on BBB for Visible. I read through some of the complaints, I will read more later. The complaints I read for the most part were solved when the BBB reviewed them. One complaint was for slow speeds but I guess that person didn't read the fine print that speeds are deprioritized on Visible and given to Verizon customers during times of congestions which even for me was morning to evening. I have had pretty slow speeds in the past but the last few weeks I have had much better speeds during the day, nothing super fast like 5G but fast enough for 720p streaming during the day and higher at night of course and I only have 4G in my area. I have noticed that my hotspot has been capped at 5mbps even though I am still on the old plan but plenty fast for me.
I am wondering of the area codes or the area a person lives in dictates plan pricing. When I checked I ran it twice and the first time I think included auto pay for $90 a month but the second time I went through to try a different plan but chose the same one and it showed $100 which both are out of my budget. 
I have done the airplane mode thing a number of times. I don't get very many calls so it hasn't affected those when it happens. The booster helps a lot now and rarely see it lose signal. It doesn't help that I am about 14 miles from the one tower I get signal from. Even my neighbor who is on Verizon has a signal problem so I can say it isn't Visible's fault.