Google Pixel 6A incoming calls don't work on wifi when no cellphone service


I just got a new Google Pixel 6A cellphone. My apartment does not get cellphone service but I have good WiFi. I can make calls but incoming calls go right to voice mail. My wife has a new Apple 14. She has no problem getting incoming calls in our apartment. I've spent a lot of time going through all the phone's options and still can't get incoming calls. I tried a live chat with Verizon (my cell phone carrier) and also on the Google phone website. I've spent almost 2 hours doing this and they have been zero help. Anyone have any ideas to help me?



Are you with Verizon or with Visible? If you need help with Verizon then you are in the wrong place.


If you are with Visible, then try to request physical sim if you were using e-SIM. Go to a place where you have Visible network then try activating the WiFi calling. Hope this resolves the issue. If you still face the issue then contact Visible help on laptop or on FB messenger or on Twitter DM.

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