Help Center is completely unavailable


So I'm on your trial and have questions. It appears you do not provide phone support for my questions, so I tried to visit the Help Center. It appears the Help Center redirects traffic with every attempt. I am using the Brave browser (based on Chrome). When I view in Chrome it does not redirect. 


Even as a new customer, I am having to wait a long time to chat. Is this the kind of experience I can expect if I choose Visible? 


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Unfortunately, yes. The phone plans are good but yes the customer service is poor. That is the price we pay for a cheap phone plan. There are two other ways to get a hold of customer service and that is Twitter or Facebook but don't expect any quick responses. It took 5 days to get a response that way. I did try chat last Sunday and had to wait around 30 just for the status bar to disappear and the countdown from 50 to appear and then it was another 15 minutes wait to actually get someone. I have been fortunate that I have only had to use chat a couple times and have been trouble free with service. The bad is the wait times to get onto chat is long. The sad part of all this is Visible is owned by Verizon. I wonder if the customer service is this bad over there?


And an FYI, if you posted this in hope to get an answer from Visible they don't monitor these forums. you would have to either use chat and wait, or message Visible care on Twitter or Facebook messenger.