Can't receive group text messages from some users


I recently switched to Visible and since switching I have been unable to receive group text messages, but it appears to only be from users on T-mobile. I can receive other group texts, but not from these contacts. The only similarity I can find between the contacts I am not receiving messages from is they are on T-mobile. I have an iPhone 11, and my wife, who switched to Visible with me, has the same phone, but has not had any issues.

I worked with Visible support for over 10 hours and we reset the eSIM, downloaded a new one, reset network settings and all settings, had numerous "repairs" to my account and eventually they said everything was working on their end and I should contact Apple Support. I contacted Apple Support and they confirmed everything was working on their end, and then I contact T-mobile to see if my transfer did not work completely, and all say no issues.

Has anyone run into an issue like this? I am about ready to switch back and I have only been here for a few days.


UPDATE: After finally escalating this issue to engineers, they stated the issue was again with Apple and would not be resolved until November 2024. I reached out to Apple to confirm this to be the case, and they said it is not, but rather indicative of the Visible MMS service center having a problem routing messages. Now trying to get back in contact with Visible to notify them of the issue and escalate it again.


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Only thing that comes to mind would be is to check your blocked list to make sure you haven't accidently blocked them, check both your phones blocked list and the text block list. Not sure how to find that on an iPhone.

I removed all blocked numbers, the issue persists.

Are you a member of Reddit? If not start an account and search for the Visible Reddit page and maybe post their if you haven't already. There are a lot more visitors to that page than here so maybe someone there has more knowledge than I do. Hope you get it fixed.

I will give that a shot, thank you.