Incoming calls now working

Novice III

A new version of the Visible app appeared this morning. Installed. Version 4.2.0.

Rebooted phone
Deleted previous esim from Settings:Cellular:Visible

In app step through Switch Now

enter IMEI for your phone (on iPhone the IMEI can be found in Settings:General:About)

Continue with esim install

reboot phone

First up couldn't make a call.

calling in first said "user has not set up voice mail"
After a few mins it was working.

All done while waiting 40 mins in chat queue. 




Thanks for the info. Android or iPhone?


I did it on an android phone

Novice III

iPhone. Updated to iOS 16.0.2

Novice III

I updated to the new version of the app that was released today, then I removed the old esim and got a new one from the app. after a few minutes i was able to receive calls. 


thank goodness.

Novice II

Any suggestions for me? I have a physical SIM, not an eSIM.  I updated the app and took the SIM out, turned the phone off, put the SIM back in, turned the phone back on, but still cannot receive calls.  So aggravating!


Following, my phone doesn't support eSIM

Novice II

I have same issue: cannot receive any calls since transferred my line on 10/3. I use a physical sim card (not esim) in my iPhone 13 now. Can I follow this step? Please help. Thank you very much

Novice III

@capbrown50  @AY I can only guess because I don't have a physical SIM on this phone. Perhaps something along the lines of reinstalling the SIM and running through the activation process again from scratch? But because of the physical sim you may be tied in to having to rely on Visible Customer Support.

Novice II

Worked for me. iPhone 13. Updated app, removed e-sim, re-provisioned e-sim in the Visible app, rebooted phone. Incoming calls now working.


Thank you! Just to be clear, you were able to keep your phone number going through this process? Deleting the esim makes me nervous.

Correct. Deleting an e-sim doesn't delete your number from the Visible network.