International calling not Included with Visible+?

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I purchased the visible+ plan this month and tried dialing numbers on the international list (Australia: mobile & landline, Sweden: mobile). I receive the following message:

Long distance or international dialing is not included with your service. To inquire about adding long distance or international dialing please reach out to visible customer care for assistance. Announcement 906.

I was able to get in contact with @VisibleMobile and have spoken to several agents over the past several days. I have done all the basic troubleshooting (reset network settings, factory reset, new esim, ect.) while on chat with them. I still cannot dial internationally.

I am using a BYOD iPhone SE (2020) 16.0.2 OS

Has anyone experienced this? Found a solution?


I  have been trying without success to learn about Visible+ and which countries included. Among other questions is whether one's change to Visible+ can be for the length of a trip abroad, after which one could return to the basic plan; whether it's necessary to buy a sim card to use the phone another country; and whether  map apps that depend on cellular towers will work using Visible+ overseas in Europe and New Zealand. Until I learn more, I shall not subscribe to the service.

Included Countries List: 

Q: Is there a fee to switch plans?
A: There is no fee for switching plans at any time. If you’re stepping up in plan cost, you will pay the difference in plan rates for the remaining days left in your payment cycle. If you’re stepping down in plan cost, you’ll finish out your payment cycle with your current plan and renew at the lower rate. 
Q: Will Visible offer international roaming? AKA calling while outside of the U.S.?
A: This feature is offered as part of our Visible+ plan! Talk, text and unlimited data are offered in Canada and Mexico. 

The $30/mo Visible plan does not offer international roaming at this time. 
*When connecting outside of the US, data speeds are reduced to 2GB after 0.5 GB/day.


Data roaming and International calling are separate features typically. Another Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) that has international DATA plans is US MOBILE. (International calling to Canada only included when I last checked). 

Im am not affiliated with them.

I researched their plans when I was looking to switch my MVNO. Visible has fit my needs best so far.

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Were you able to get it resolved? I am facing same problem (India calling) and tried all possible troubleshooting suggested by the agent. No resolution yet. 

Novice III

This was resolved for me after about 2 weeks. After a lot of persistence, I was contacted by an out-of-state network operator. A Verizon support ticket was made, and I received daily updates that the issue was being investigated. 
I finally was sent this message and it worked:



I'm Emilian with Visible Care Team. We're reaching out regarding your international calling issue. Great news! We want to let you know that we've successfully made a reset on your connection from our end and now your service will work as intended. In order for the changes to take place, please restart your device.


If you will still have issues with your service after doing this step, please chat back with us at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your patience while we worked through this.




I am facing the same issue.  What should I do?  I have tried several numbers it doesn't work.


It only works for some international countries. It’s not global. I have the visible plus upgrade and still can’t call Barbados. Sorry I haven’t found a way to do it yet. iMessage does work only because it’s on wifi. No sms text will go through. Wish I knew a cheap global carrier. Starting to think that there isn’t one. Verizon charges $10 a day just to have it . It’s possible through other carriers but expensive.