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Visible eSIM App Update

Our Visible app has been updated for iOS and Android with new and improved eSIM functionality to make the eSIM to eSIM all self serviceable. Make sure you are up to date on the latest version. For a step by step on how to complete the process see our...

app update 1_1 Community Banner.jpg

Resolved! Trying to Use Apple Watch for Kid for $5

Hi. I'd like to connect an apple watch to my account for $5 and then give the watch to my son so that we can be in contact with him. I don't want to get my messages and phone calls but I also don't want to pay for a dedicated line of phone service fo...

WARNING: No Mobile Hotspot in Texas

WARNING: Visible's Verizon service does not function fully in Texas. Mobile Hotspot features do not work in Texas. When using Visible in Texas, attempting to use the alleged mobile hotspot feature, a warning message appears: "Your order could not be ...

Attn Visible: I Have A Question Regarding Party Plans

Hello, When I signed up with Visible I joined a pay party with nearly 12,000 members. I understand that if a number of people should leave the party in any given month, there will still be plenty of members left to sustain the party over and above th...

How to get Pixel 6 Pro mmWave access turned on?

I recently upgraded to a Pixel 6 Pro from a Pixel 5. but I can't seem to get fast 5G. I was regularly getting 200 on the Pixel 5. Yes, I have the A4RG8VOU version with mmWave support new from US Google Store.

Network icon or text

Should there be an icon or name showing that you are on the visible network at the top of your iPhone?

WPO1 by Novice
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