Lack of Service



For over a week I have been  “chatting” with Visible help.  I have spent hours using their chat system which does not accommodate difficult problems well at all.  I have had no service for a month after I got to Kentucky.  We have tried so many different things to no avail.  Visible is really not interested in getting my service restored.  I guess the moral is that if I need a Verizon signal I should go with Verizon.  


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Just so you know Larry you can ask for them to call you when you are on chat and you will get a live representative. I did it when I first was ready to sign up since the chat feature was useless they called me back and stayed on the phone for almost an hour to walk me through activating 5 lines and making sure my numbers were ported correctly.

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I agree.  Front Line Visible Support is not great.  They are working from a troubleshooting script that has 3 things to look at before they have to escalate.  So now you know where the money you saved by going with Visible instead of Verizon is realized.

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Hi @Larry87120,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. I've escalated your post to a specialized team who should be reaching out to you. I want to make sure we get this fixed asap. Thank you for being a Visible member and for being part of the community.