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Specifically I fly to Dominican Republic 2/3 times a year, recently switched to Visible and subscribed to Visible + plan for the  the international options. Can someone be VERY specific as to what have and don't have as I don't want a surprise bill.


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Just an FYI, Visible will not work in the Dominican Republic for calling back to the US. Roaming outside of US only works in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Straight from the plans page at https://www.visible.com/plans (information icon under the extras).

Note the specific use of the terms "to" and "from" - there's no true international calling, text or data from anywhere outside the US except Canada, Mexico, US VI and Puerto Rico.

Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada
Unlimited calling and messaging to Canada and Mexico when you are in the US.

Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Roaming in Mexico and Canada
Talk, text and use unlimited data when traveling in Mexico and Canada, plus the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Data speeds are reduced to 2G after 0.5 GB/day.
Roaming capabilities are not yet enabled on certain devices, see the Visible Help Center for the latest information.

International Calling from US to 30+ Countries
International calling included from the US to 30+ countries (detailed country list here). Call up to 500 minutes per month at no additional cost.

International Texting from US to 200+ Countries
Unlimited texting included from the US to 200+ countries & territories worldwide
(detailed country list here).