Moto w/free month of service not compatible

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I just purchased a new Motorola g power from Best buy It came with a 1-month visible trial plan. I was excited to try it because I am looking to switch from mint however I went to activate it and it says the phone is not compatible! They sold me the phone with the visible SIM card as a package! This is ridiculous and now I have to contact Best buy and let them know. I guess it wasn't meant to be visible...



Did you actually try activating with that SIM? I have found that the Visible compatibility checker is not 100%


How long ago did you do the one month trial and was it a 2021 model or 2022 model? I bought a 2021 model from here last year and it shows not compatible with the new plans here. I bought a used 2022 model that was sold here earlier this year and it is compatible. I wanted to make sure I am able to activate the new SIM card when they make us switch from the old plan to the new plans.

To get around the issue of ordering a SIM card you could go online and do a search for an IMEI number generator, select a Samsung model phone and generate numbers until you get one that will get you a card and you can try and activate it in the non compatible phone when it arrives. You do this at your own risk as I don't know if it works. I do know that one person has activated a SIM card in a compatible phone bought at Best Buy and put it in a phone that showed not compatible and it worked. But I have not read if anyone has actually activated a SIM card for a new plan on a phone that is not compatible, again you would do this at your own risk.

Thank you for responding! I just bought the phone with the one month service on best buy, they had a promotion, buy the visible card get $50 off a phone. They had unlocked phones to choose from and the 2021 Moto was the one I picked. Bad choice apparently. Anyway I had to sign up with Straight T for a month since I couldn't activate with visible and honestly my Verizon service here is awful! ( I think ST runs on all the networks) looks like my visible dreams may be dashed because I am not buying a 5 g phone and I think unless you have 5g with Verizon your service isn't very good. Looks like back to m*nt I go.. ๐Ÿ˜”

If the service or signal is bad where you are at on Verizon I don't matter whether you are using 4G or 5G.