Multiple devices on one iPhone Visible hotspot


I switched to Visible in early April because of the new, upgraded Visible+ plan. I saw in the terms, "While more than one device may be connected to your Hotspot at one time, a single connected device will experience optimal speeds." However, it seems like the one device limit that was part of the old Visible+ plan is still being enforced - I cannot get more than one device to connect to my Visible+ hotspot. Anyone else having the same issue? I have an iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks.


Not sure if upgrading from the old plus to the new plus is like upgrading from basic to plus but maybe it won't take affect until your next billing cycle, but not sure. Your best bet would be to contact customer by chat or by messaging them on one of their social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or their care page on Reddit.


Not familiar with iPhone's so not sure if it is like Android where you need to go into settings and into wi-fi hotspot setting and change the device limits.

Thanks, I appreciate it.  I've spent a few hours chatting with Visible and they've elevated my case - hoping they're able to figure it out.  I'll post back here if they find a solution.

I apologize, I misread your original post. O thought it said you upgraded to the Visible+ plan but you joined with the plus plan. Then yes it supposed to start right away. Glad you contacted CS for help. I have read on Reddit this multiple device thing Visible still seems to have an issue with iPhones. They were never really able to enforce it on most Androids. But as I mentioned I did have to go into my setting and change device limits. Good luck and hope you get it fixed.

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Reset your network settings and then try again. Go to settings > general > transfer or reset iphone > reset > reset network settings. Also, if you have multiple SIMs activated, toggle off those additional lines or make sure hotspot is turned off on them. If that doesn't work, ask Visible care to re-provision your SIM/eSIM.


I’ve never been able to connect more than one device on the Visible+ plan with an iphone (now on iOS 17.5.1).  Chatting with a live agent two days ago, he assured me that it was possible, but after checking various settings, and power cycling, etc., we never got more than one device connected. 


Perhaps that might change after I switch to the annual plan in a couple weeks.


Does anyone on Visible+ have an iphone hotspot that can simultaneously connect more than one device?