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Visible is awesome!🎉

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I am trying to port a number from MyFamilyMobile to Visible. I have entered the required information and even get a confirmation by MyFamilyMobile that they received the request, however I get an email saying the transfer failed and it shows the number it is trying to port is the Visible number and not the MyFamilyMobile number.

Hello... I have a different problem but I'm interested in knowing how much time has passed before receiving the email from visible

I entered the wrong account number to transfer my old number and now I wait for them to tell me that it was not possible to migrate to repeat the step with the correct numbers. Thank you

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I’m having problems transferring an active Visible eSim from an iPhone SE to an iPhone 14 Pro. They’re both running iOS 16. None of the options presented to me are working. Please help. 

I want to purchase a new phone but it won't let me add it to my bag. There's an error message reading "You already have a device order in your account and cannot place another device order. Please contact our Care team for help." 

It seems like most companies really like to take your money in exchange for products. Judging by my experience today, that is not the case with this company. I have been waiting to chat with an agent all day to find out how I can purchase a phone. 

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I purchased the visible+ plan this month and tried dialing numbers on the international list (Australia: mobile & landline, Sweden: mobile). I receive the following message:

Long distance or international dialing is not included with your service. To inquire about adding long distance or international dialing please reach out to visible customer care for assistance. Announcement 906.

I was able to get in contact with @VisibleMobile and have spoken to several agents over the past several days. I have done all the basic troubleshooting (reset network settings, factory reset, new esim, ect.) while on chat with them. I still cannot dial internationally.

I am using a BYOD iPhone SE (2020) 16.0.2 OS

Has anyone experienced this? Found a solution?

Were you able to solve this? I am experiencing the same problem on my Pixel 6 pro on VIsible+ attepting to call peru from US


Visible had to change my esim because of issues and now I have no network at all. They told me it was solved and needed to restart my phone. It’s not solved, I have no network whatsoever and I’m in the waiting line for the chat, again, for over 2 hours. Anyone any tips??? Very close to switching providers, their customer service is the worst.

Try a different name in APN settings. Try VSBLINTERNET, or vzwinternet, or VZWINTERNET 


Visible had to give me a new esim after some issues with my data. Now I have no network at all. They told me about three times that the issue was fixed, however it’s not. Now I’m in the waiting line for the chat for the fifth time, for over 2 hours already. Very close to switching providers, the customer service is the absolute worst. Anyone any tips on fixing network / esim issues? 

Don't know what is going on with the Visible community . Had to set my phone down so to take my food up and when I come back. What I had written was just  fur nothing cause of the failed authentication and had been logged out . As far as I am concerned now what I write is not important. Let everyone go through what I been through and the length of time. Had some valuable information but it's gone cause I was looking for a way to unjoin this Visible community just like I'm unjoining Visible Wireless on my account . Lost or stolen phone. Forget it Don't put yourself in a bind owing money on a cell phone . Visible Wireless doesn't care how long you been a loyal customer don't care what a person goes through will all the apps and especially Google Verification then Samsung, Microsoft ,Apple and the businesses that want a person to put the App oh the phone .And you lose it , break it or the mobile devices is stolen it's your problem not Visible Wireless

 So my conclusion is not to put much faith in Visible or any in Customer Care .  Customer Care is not what you think  Figure it out your own way like I have  since I was logged out in a page long description of what happened to me and still is. Don't be excited cause you get a top dollar phone most can't even afford or be/she wouldn't be with Visible in the first place So wow Visible gonna pay half . Yeah right in a Virtual Credit Card to one of it's business affiliates and you get nothing but overpriced items you don't even need plus you might forget that you have it or some left on the virtual card and time runs out .

 Never ported out a number but I bad a broken phone before and never had a problem with just inserting the SIM replacement in a different phone a Verizon device . Them I thought my account had been hacked by someone on Facebook and controlling my account.  So I had another SIM card sent with a new abd different number.  Never had a problem with no service like I have this time .Get to the point to activate the new replacement SIM card and guess what ! To verify my number with a text message .. just set there and think  that is so senseless to text a phone that the App . so don't seems to not know that my SIm card is in the phone that my SIM card has no data on the one I have that was sent is other phones I have.

Well I ordered a  Motorola One Ace cause of all the problems of the two Verizon phones I have are android 12 and 13 and the Motorola One Ace is an Android 11 . Down grading . Yeah Didn't think the Sim card cause I was thinking the SIM was included.. my thinking anyway. .Seeing that the SIM  card didn't come with the phone and I have doubt about the Motorola One Ace working either . Not going to sign for it . FedEx is going to send the phone package right back to Visible where it come from . Then I don't have to try to get help with it . Just buy a burner Apps no  nothing . Toe much expected and not enough did when your phone is lost ,.stolen or broken . I would say not but too much space invisible to invest for a good phone it's not going to be worth nothing as you are in the end and you have to plan for your account

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Like many others on this forum, I am unable to receive incoming calls. 

I also cannot receive calls

Novice II

Hello! Yesterday afternoon, I spent hours and the customer chat que.  the system logged me out several times. For the reason and lagging network times, I’m leaving Visible. Quite possibly, I’ve spent 6-8 hours working through a solution. There’s not one in sight. I currently do not have access to a port out pin because both my iCloud and text are locked out. I lost my iPhone and can’t take steps to authenticate and validate my accounts. My iPhone was my only Apple device. Last night I finally broke through to the chat bot. And no resolution came about. The customer service team asked that I reach out to my email provider. It was very hard to contain my anger. I certainly want resolution soon. I’m taking measures to reach out to the FCC now about my port out pin issue. 

If you use iCloud as your email provider the apple support link to get into your account is 


Apple explains how to access your account if you can’t access a trusted device (your iPhone). You will need to login the web app on a computer or other phone

Hope you get a resolution soon. I know it’s frustrating when we expect things to work and they don’t. 😕 

I need a return label to send my phone back within the 14 day timeframe.  Any suggestions?  Tell me about filing a claim with the FCC.


My Apple Watch cannot complete the cellular setup since your tech support has placed an addition number on my account. After 2 weeks, I still have no resolution on the problem. Countless hours spent on disconnected chats, false promises, and no scheduled callbacks sent to supervisors. This is the worst service provider I’ve ever had.  Switching to your service was a huge mistake. 


How do you get to Care. I set up Auto Pay now 5-6 times and don’t know if it went through or not. Your website keeps saying to pay my bill but I can’t do anything on your site. I don’t want to shut down for non payment when it’s your website not working. I just wanted ano fuss simple account with good service. I have done my part now it’s your turn. 


On the 28th of June I ported my number to Verizon. Visible never allowed the port even though I have and gave to Verizon the PORT OUT PIN, ACCOUNT NUMBER and the PHONE NUMBER TO BE PORTED. As of Friday, the 30th of June, it was was still not completed on Visible side. On Saturday still not completed on Visible side with the addition of Visible telling me I had to pay another months service to port my number. On Sunday the 2nd of July I was at the Verizon store for 4 hours working with a person to get this done. I did pay for another months service. I feel I was extorted for my number when Visible dropped the ball and did not complete the port in a timely manor. Now I have no service at all from Verizon or Visible. My account with Visible is broken. They can not get it to reactivate. I got an email with stating: 


Hey there, Richard! This is Chris with the Visible Care Team.


We're reaching out regarding your phone number concerns.

We do apologize for any inconveniences and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with us while we work on your case.


We are working on reviewing your concern and we will be getting back to you soon. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to reach back out to you with an update or final resolution.


If you need assistance regarding any other concerns, tweet @VisibleCare, tap Help in the app, chat in through the website or send us a message on the Visible Facebook page. If you have anything to add to your current case, make sure you reference [# XXXXXXXXX].


This is totally unacceptable on Visible side. They drop the ball and the customer has to pay in monies and time. What made me want to change carries is I was not getting phone calls or texts. I had a grandchild and did not know for 6 days after the fact. My son ended up calling my neighbor for a welfare check to make sure I am ok. STAY away from Visible if you can!


I have a visible phone account, but I can't login , because there is no way to contact a real person and their chat is all BS and artificial.   In rural america we only have a landline phone and absolutely no mobile service or texting ability.  So we can't pay our bill for emergency ph setup thru them now since they changed login procedure!  How do we contact visible, verizon will do nothing, even though they own visible.  How is any one else paying their bill without the ability to contact visible. Frustrated 719.379.3276.



hello, I have an at&t prepaid sim card, can I switch to visible with my old number?

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My iPhone keep saying "Cannot Verify Server Identity" in some area from this year. I am not sure I can get rid of this but cannot. Just a some area. Usually it works. I don't know what to do except I reboot the iPhone. Are there anything not good in my SIM? If you have any solution, please let me know.

Novice II

I have been having this sign "Cannot Verify Server Identity" in some area. I cannot use internet for this. It started around the beginning of this year ( I am not sure when). Even I updated my iPhone from 11 to 13, it is still same. Does this mean if my SIM doesn't work well? Please let me know the solution. Thank you.