Need help with payment


I’m currently traveling in China, I can’t use the visible app or the official website. I did not set up auto pay before the trip. How should I make my payment? Thanks!


You will likely need to contact customer service through chat, FB messenger, or Twitter and have them disable your 2FA, they will send a verification that it is you to the email address on the account. Once you have access to your account you should be able to turn on autopay provided you have a card or PayPal set up on your account. 

Thank you for your response.

The problem is Chst, FB, Twitter, all of them are banned here in China. Plus there is no way for me to access my account.

I did contact Visible customer service several times before the trip. All of them told me there wouldn’t be any problem for me to use the app or website in China, which I found to be completely wrong information once I landed here.

Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately it won’t work here