No Internet connection


My husband and I both have Visible and since we had to upgrade to the newer plan we have had a lot of issues with internet connection. Our phones (iPhone XS both on iOS 16.3.1) will show we have good signal but we have no internet connection when trying to use internet. We reboot our phones, try airplane mode reset, turn off cellular line and then turn back on…sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. At times, we’ll show that we only have SOS service too but that’s less frequent. We are getting super annoyed and are hoping someone has a solution. 
Thank you for any suggestions/help!



Hi @jcwik1 - If you go into an area with known good cellular coverage, does it work without any trouble?  You might also want to try updating to the latest version of iOS, which I believe is 16.4 at the time of this writing.  If none of these work, you could try the nuclear option of resetting your cellular services within the Apple Settings app and I would suggest trying only one in case for some reason it causes you to have more issues.  If you're using an eSIM, make sure not to erase it during this process.

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