No Service




I did the 15-day free trial to make sure the service worked good because I've tried other small carriers before and had issues. I experienced no issues with Visible and it was fast, so I was happy.


Then when I paid for service, everything went sideways. I didn't like my phone number and I kept changing it through the automated chat. I probably changed it too many times and made the system go nuts because it would show a totally different phone number in chat than it did on my iPhone or in my account on the Visible app.


I could make phone calls, but not send or receive texts.


I deleted the eSim mistakenly thinking I could re-download it, but it's nowhere to be found. In other community conversations and in Visible Help, it says there's a QR Code in my Account Overview to scan to re-download my eSim, but there's no QR Code there.


I have no clue what to do. Every time I chat with someone, I just hit another dead end.


Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really like to have phone service back up and working again.


Thanks so much!


Novice II

Try deleting e-sim and re-activate via Visible app as if you were switching to Visible for the first time.  

for me the only option was to wait for customer service to perform their magic. i had the best luck through facebook messenger on visible's facebook page. i would recommend contacting visible that way over their chat on the visible website.