PCMag says "Visible Confirms Its Customer Accounts Have Been Compromised"

Novice III

We'd like to hear from Visible on this.  Actually we should have heard from Visible first.

I have asked to change my password, but an SMS has NOT been sent to allow me to do this.


We need some clarity on this subject - Visible.


Intermediate II

I just joined recently.  I am worried about my account.  Maybe I should rethink my decision.  All was good just before the hack.


I really want to like Visible, the price and data/call coverage quality were good enough reason to overlook some of the wonkiness that came along with their service... But this hack was THE nightmare scenario I'd been fearing... locked out of your account, credit card info stolen, mobile service hijacked with nobody to call or nearby office to go to for help. And on top of that, a totally irresponsible corporate response that kept customers in the dark about their personal data being compromised until media outlets began reporting on it.

Guess I'd rather spend a couple bucks more per month than risk dealing with another massive clusterf*ck like this.