Pay bill


My service has been suspended for nonpayment but it won’t let me sign in app to pay and the option to pay on website is not there



Can you sign into your account on a laptop or desktop computer? If so when you sign into your account you should be on the overview screen, scroll down to manage payment and click the > button, a window will pop up and it should let you add a new payment method, PayPal and Venmo is also on the list. Hope this helps.

The overview is giving message of “We were unable to process your request. Please try again later.”

 It has given me this message for about two weeks 

That's not good. You might want to try chat. You can also try Twitter DM but they didn't respond to me last time a couple weeks ago. Facebook messenger is the last option and I was able to get an agents response after 45 minutes, about the same time it took a month ago on chat.


iam trying to pay my bill will not accept what i have been using for 3 years. tried a credit card will not accept that either. removed my card and re added it , still will not accept my payment. called crdit usnion no record of attempted payments.