Phone number port error


Just got a new phone, switched from T-Mobile to visible. Confirmed via IMEI that my phone was functional with visibles phone network. Got my sim, tried to put it in my new galaxy S-21, got the email that my number was ported over successfully >24 hours ago. I don't have any cell service on my new phone. I tried switching to Esim and it just tells me there's been an issue with the phone number port over. Reset wireless connections, and restarted the phone more times than I can count. I spent 90 minutes with a chat support, who told me to come here and get someone to help me fix my phone number port over. 


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This isn't customer service but a peer to peer forum and there isn't much we can do to help. If there is an issue with porting either try contacting T-Mobile CS and see what the hold up is or contact Visible support and ask for a supervisor that knows what they are doing.


Has Visible fixed there server issue yet?