Phone service SOS


This is the 4th time in less than two weeks that my phone service has gone to SOS. I’ve reached out for help each time. Had a physical SIM card starting out. Switched to esim. Did another new esim and now it’s doing it again. Also did the network reset, restart, toggle airplane, and they did some kind of sim refresh or something i read on one of these forums. I never had trouble with my previous company. They won’t refund me or i would have switched last time this happened. I thought with this being actually by verizon it would actually be good. The funny thing is my wife has visible and hasn’t had an issue. I have an iphone xr and she has the 11. Anyone else having this awful trouble?



I've had it 3 times on my Iphone and am on hold now.  (and I don't use my phone often.)  Very frustrating as I'm NOT tech saavy!!