Phone stops receiving texts or calls for hours at a time very often

I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that my phone just stops receiving texts and calls for hours at a time (often as long as 18+ hours). I don't realize it's happening because to me it just seems like no one is texting or calling me which is common. But then at seemingly random times, I get flooded with every text I missed along with voicemails from calls I never received.


This is, of course, a major problem because no one knows what I'm missing when this is happening. My boss might be trying to get a hold of me, there could be a family emergency, or I might need to verify my phone number to access my bank account.


I'm using a Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Textra messaging app. If anyone has experienced this and has a solution I would greatly appreciate it


Do you have Wi-Fi calling enabled? If yes turn it off and check if your experiencing this issue 

Wifi calling is turned off and I couldn't turn it on if I wanted to. I keep getting a failed to activate WIFI calling every time I try to turn it on

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Same with Galaxy S10e. Both my wife and I have same phone and same Visible service. Hers seems to have the problem much more than mine.

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I'm having the save issue with my Galaxy a53. 


I had a text chat with help and they say they reprovisioned my SIM. That didn't work and the issue happened again in a few hours.  


I have 2 Samsung A53s and they are doing the same thing. This is a recent problem, the first few months of service it worked fine. I've tried for the last 2 days to get an agent through chat but never get connected. I had high hopes that this would be an economical phone solution, but I'm having my doubts. I hope someone in support reads these and responds quickly otherwise I will be pursuing other providers.

"Pay a little money, get a little support."

My issue seems like it has only recently started.  When I first got this a53 from Samsung and put my visible Sim in it worked fine since April up to a few weeks ago. 

I am still having the issue since last week when I was in chat twice.  Though not as frequently.  My mom with a moto g pure is seeing the same problem as me with her visible line.  I'm going to try to chat again with my case #. I find getting in to chat before noon is the best time. By evening they seem too backed up. 


I'm trying twitter @visiblecare to see if I get a response.


Has anyone found a resolution to this? My husband and I are having the same issues. We have to reset almost daily to get the problem to resolve. Just like original poster, we don't realize this is a problem until likely hours after the issue started. 


What I have done for this issue is to just set my phone to automatically restart overnight and that does help but doesn't solve the issue.  Like everyone else, my phone Galaxy s22+ was fine for the first couple months, then this started happening and I have no idea because I don't get that many calls or texts anyway. What I have found that it has happened once in the last week in the middle of the day and also sometimes when I'm on a call, the call just drops.  My friends say when they try to call me back, they go straight to voicemail, no ringing.  I have to restart my phone and call them back.  The Airplane mode on/off trick that the help desk suggested doesn't work anymore, I have to restart the phone.  I'm past my 60 days of my phone being locked, so if I can find resolution, I'll be leaving visible and maybe give Spectrum a try.