Pixel 6a Stuck at Fastboot screen. Won't start, stop, change


The Pixel 6a I wrote about in here the other day has hit a new plateau of infuriating.  And Visible has reach a new low in the quality of their support.

Picked up the phone today to do something.  Screen is black with a “fastboot Mode” menu.  NOTHING works.  Can’t shut it off, can’t boot it up, can’t recover, dead.

I'd put a picture of the screen in here, but the insert picture screen makes NO sense.


Chatted to support and waited the obligatory hour and 10 minutes to get “Alex”, who promised to “take care of me”…

An hour and a half later, his FIX is for me to return the phone.  NOT for them to OVERNIGHT a replacement, OR to even CROSS-SHIP a replacement.  Just, “we can’t do anything”, BUT YOU CAN RETURN THIS PHONE. 

And MAYBE in a week or so I’ll have ANOTHER one if I go out to Visible and buy it tomorrow?

Given that “Alex” was completely useless, and had NO idea how to get the thing to boot, does ANYBODY IN HERE know how to get this POS working?