Pixel 6a Wi-Fi Calling

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I have two Pixel 6a phones, purchased at the same time, that exhibit this same problem. When the Wi-Fi calling option is enabled, it turns on and off sporadically. Turning off would be normal when you get out of range of your router, but this happens when I'm in my house with a strong signal. If I'm on a phone call and the feature turns on or off, my call drops. 

In testing, I've stayed in the room with my Wi-Fi router, so I have the strongest possible signal and called the phone. I make sure Wi-Fi calling is on, and then I place a test call. At some point, either 30 seconds in or 10 minutes in, Wi-Fi calling turns off and the call is disconnected. The timing isn't consistent, but the eventual disconnect is. 

I should also point out that I upgraded these phones from Pixel 4a5g phones. The Pixel 4a5g did not exhibit this behavior and Wi-Fi calling worked great. I'm actually regretting trading in my reliable 4a5g. 
I've found turning off Adaptive Connectivity and Wi-Fi calling fixed my call disconnect problems at home. But I'm heading out of country soon and wanted to use the Wi-Fi calling feature. 
Both phones were bought unlocked from Google. I've reported this problem to Google support who suggested taking it in for service. I took it to my local ubreakifix/asurion store who didn't think there was anything to replace to fix this problem. I followed up with Google on ubreakifix/asurion's stance and they suggested to mail it in. If it really is a hardware issue, I'd rather have it fixed locally, but the Google rep is unable to tell me what module they would replace if I sent it in. 
They also suggested talking to my carrier, hence this post.  My understanding is once a device is enabled to use Wi-Fi calling on a carrier (Visible in this case), the actual undertaking of using Wi-Fi calling is up to the device itself. Is there something wrong with the way Visible enabled Wi-Fi calling on their network for the Pixel 6a that could cause this behavior? 
I'm also wondering if this is a common problem among Pixel 6a phones? 
Is this a problem that can be fixed by replacing some hardware module? If so, which module? I just don't want to waste my time sending a phone in to fix that has a software problem, or some other kind of defect that isn't fixed by replacing one defective module with another defective module. 

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It is the visible server. I can get on their server (visible.com) sporadically. I am assuming when their server is overloaded it locks out the outside servers. I can log on and sit in que for chat with my device connected to my fios Wi-Fi. But soon the visible server just disconnects from outside servers. The only way I can get back in is using the LTE visible internet. They have serous issues. 

Thank you for the help, but I think it unlikely their web servers are also used for voice communication. 


I upgraded my phones from Pixel 4a5g to Pixel 6a. The 4a5g phones worked flawlessly with Wi-Fi calling so I assumed it was something about the phone that changed. However, I bought these phones about the same time they switched to their new plans. I stayed on the old plan. I'm wondering if it's possible they somehow deprioritized Wi-Fi calling on the old plan and it's causing disconnects. 

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I am not into computer/phone tech but the Wi-Fi I think would be a problem in the phone itself since you said your old phones worked fine using it. It could be an issue with you internet service provider but again your old phones work.


If you want an answer from Visible you would need to get on chat and wait inline for an hour+, or direct message Visible care on Twitter or Facebook and wait days, like 5 days a couple weeks ago before I got a response.

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I am sending the phone to Google for service. I'll update this thread with the results of the service. 

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I traded in out Pixel 6a phones for Samsung S23s, upgraded to the new Visible Basic service, and the problem continues. We have a dead spot in our house which drops calls whether we have wi-fi calling enabled or not. When using our phones for a voice call, we have to move to another part of the house or the call will drop. Wi-Fi calling should fix this, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Other than dropping Visible, not sure what else to do.