Port in, can't make phone calls

I ported in but text massages work sometimes, internet is working but calls are unavailable, neither to receive and to make. Is there anyone from visible that can help me? It's been few days from the initial transfer and i need to use the phone.



This is a peer to peer forum. To get help from Visible you will need to contact customer service via, chat which is the little blue box bottom righthand corner of your account page, Facebook messenger or Twitter both of these icons can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page.


Chat wait times can be lengthy. Make sure to type live agent in the chat box or you will just be chatting with a robot which may or may not be helpful. I prefer FB messenger than I don't have to wait in line for a live agent.

Thanks for the information response. I contacted Visible few times and they said they're working on it. How long should i wait? It's 5 days now from the initial transfer. 


Did someone experience something similar?






 It's 5 days now.

It shouldn't take 5 days to get this fixed. You need to contact them again and either have them do a provision to the SIM or have them send you a new one. At least contact them have have this issue escalated.