Port-in promotion Eligibility after porting out of Visible

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I was wondering for how long I have to be out of Visible to be able to use promotions for Switch-in. 


I am considering trying out GoogleFi, as the signal on my neighborhood is not that good. But if I ended up in a worst situation (bad signal, service, etc), I might come back. So wondering if there a disclaimer like the one MetroPCS has: "Excludes phone numbers currently active on T-Mobile or active on Metro by T-Mobile in the past 180 days" to be able to use "port-in" promotions.






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Promos here have this, for new customers only, in the fine print. You might get away with it by opening a new account but if they somehow flag your name on the new account with an old account you would be denied the promo. You could not use the same number you ported out with because I am sure they would be able to tie that to any previous accounts.


Chances are high that you may be denied if you port with in 180 days.


Unwritten rule. And promotion are at the discretion of Visible, if Visible denies it then you are out of luck. Provided you port in the same number which is active with visible now

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