Porting Number to Visible: Visible Won't Accept Address

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Began process to port number from Vonage (VoIP service that Visible recognizes as "land-line").

Specified my mailing address, that is a P.O. box, and Visible advised they would not accept P.O. box (irrespective of the fact that Vonage knows me by my P.O. box).

Specified my physical address, that USPS database does not recognize -- as I can't receive mail at my physical address, and Visible advised that address is invalid (duh!).

Sought help via chat and was advised "to check back every 10 minutes."  Nope -- not gonna do that.

Anyone have any clues as to how to port a number from a "land-line" service, when Visible will accept neither a P.O. box nor your physical address?


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Visible needs your physical home address to send the SIM card to you via FedEx. Even though I don't have a P.O. box myself and I have been with Visible for 17 months and they have not sent me anything through USPS. Everything besides SIM is done by email.


If you are expecting better customer by phone you are not with the right carrier. Chat wait times are up to an hour or more. Besides chat there are 2 other ways to get a hold of CS and that is Facebook messenger or by Twitter DM.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions, @Anonymous .

I already have my iPhone operating on Visible’s eSim, using the phone number that Visible initially assigned to me. No need for Visible to ship me anything.
I just need to port my VoIP number to my existing Visible line.  

That said, I can I understand that Visible needs my address as a basis for requesting that my VoIP provider port the number.  Visible may even require my physical address, for KYC or e911 requirements, but insisting that the address be approved as “valid” via USPS, as I suspect they’re doing, is unreasonable.  The address exists — it just can’t receive mail. 
Fair point that Visible doesn’t offer quick customer service assistance.  I was hoping someone on this forum might know a workaround that avoids my need to reach a Visible human. 


in same boat as you. i am done with visible. problem is they wont allow my number to be ported back to vonage. number i have had for 30 years.  no ticky no laundry. dont do business with no store front companys